No More Broccoli

After today I will never take for granted being able to go to the shop and buy what I want….

Almost a week of being on lockdown and our priorities have suddenly changed. I used to plan one holiday after another; I used to go out for the day just to wander aimlessly in and out of shops and stop for coffee at least once; I used to go food shopping and contemplate whether to have stir fry or salad for dinner…

But now, I don’t know when I’ll leave the village again, let alone the country. I promised my daughter I’d show her the world but the countries I love are crying, the cities I planned to take her to are apocalyptic and I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. When will this be over?

But back to today; my parents are self isolating and needed me to go to the shop for them so I left Pippa with them and off I went, with latex gloves in my pocket and my bag for life. When I arrived at the supermarket I put on my gloves and saw a man wearing a mask at the till. I suddenly felt like I wasn’t at home anymore. And inside I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…. there was nothing there. The shelves were bare and the crates were empty. Like many others I walked around looking at what was left to buy. I saw a lonely bag of kale and a single butternut squash and as I put them in my trolley I felt a pang of guilt. Should I take these? What if someone else needs them? But today I was that someone else. I walked around wondering what I would feed my baby this week. She loves broccoli and asparagus, eggs and parsnip, spinach and peas….PEAS! I’ve not found frozen peas in almost two weeks!!

After I left the supermarket I went to the local Nisa, then to the health food shop and again, was met with empty shelves. Still no broccoli and still no peas. So I walked home through my desolate village with a half empty bag. I had three carrots, a butternut squash, a bag of kale and two sweet potatoes. Could I make this last? How creative can we be with the limited food we can find these days? I didn’t think about what I would eat but suddenly not being able to feed my daughter what she normally eats really hit me.

What is this new world we are living in?

Let’s pray that this is over soon and come out the other side with a different outlook on the lives we live and appreciate what we once took for granted.

Please stay in, wash your hands and look after your loved ones. And don’t ever take for granted having broccoli and peas with your Sunday roast.

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