Riding the Single Mummy Train

From flying solo around the world to riding the single mummy train; how things change!

If I can navigate my way through foreign cities, not get lost at airports and learn a how to order wine in 3 different languages surely changing nappies, doing every night feed and all the school runs will give the same ‘independent 21st century woman’ feel, right?

The most interesting part of this journey that I would like to share has to be peoples reactions…

I recently announced my news on social media, after having a very exciting 13 week scan. I thought it was time let others in on the secret I’d been keeping for two months. On the whole I received lots of overwhelming congratulatory, encouraging messages but there were a few that I found, well, very curious:

Congrats Kelly! I’m so happy for you! Was it planned?

I thought to myself, what kind of question is that? Is it any of your business if it was planned or not?

Are you having a baby? Who’s the daddy?

Why do you need to know that?!? I haven’t seen you in 10 years?

Are you with anyone? I assumed you were doing it on your own. What’s the situation?

The situation is…. I’m having a baby, stop being so nosy!

I obviously kept my decorum and did not say what came to mind in my replies, but also didn’t give them the answers they were looking for. The truth is, yes I’m having a baby and no it’s none of your business whether I’m with someone, had IVF or whether it was planned. The people who know me well know ‘the situation’, if it is questioned then we obviously haven’t sat down and had a cup of tea in a while, have we?

And I thought we were living in the 21st Century, since when did it become so unconventional to have a baby on your own out of wedlock? I even have family members who haven’t spoken to me since I told them the news.

All I can say is – if I can survive backpacking in Australia and train hopping in Italy, if I can get two degrees, buy my own house and hold down a grown up career i’m sure I can make it to the grand old age of 33 and have a baby any which way I like.

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