Why You Should Keep a Journal

As a traveller you’ll go away, see the world and come home with no money in your pocket but a lifetime of memories to cherish. You’ll take photos and keep Instagram and Facebook up to date, you may even print a few off for the album but how many of you keep a journal?

Travelling can be full of adrenaline filled days out, adventures with people whose names you’ve just learnt and nights fuelled by too much beer but there’s always time to take 10 minutes out to write down a few thoughts and feelings. Keeping a journal when I’ve been away is always something I’ve done, I may not have gone back over what I’ve written but it was and still is an integral part of my globe trotting.

I’d like to go over a few reasons why you SHOULD keep a journal during your adventures and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about writing on the go.

Take note of how you’re feeling

This may sound all gooey and gushy but if you are travelling on your own for the first time or for the tenth time you will be feeling A LOT!

There will be days when you get lonely, so having something to write will give you an outlet for this solitude and turn it into something more positive.

There will be nights you feel so amazingly inspired by the people you meet or the places you go you might just feel the need to write a song or a poem about the crazy Irish guitarist you befriended (maybe that one was just me).

There will also be days where you will have an eye opening epiphany and suddenly see the world from a completely different view point – why not write down how you’re feeling out there in the big world on your own?

A place to store memories

You will meet people who make you laugh, make you fall in love and people who completely awaken a side of you, you never knew you had. Wouldn’t it be nice to write down things that remind you of those moments? Sometimes our memories can fail us. Keep your favourite moments in a safe place.

Remember names of people/places

If you are on a long trip you will meet a lot of people and visit many places, use your journal to make note of their names. There would be nothing worse than remembering that beautiful place in Western Australia but for the life of you forgetting the Aboriginal name for it! I remember hiking through the red dirt covered Karijini Gorges and coming home with stained hiking boots….doesn’t it sound like a wonderful place? So much better than ‘that place I went to somewhere near Perth’.

Autobiography material

You may be too young to be thinking of writing an autobiography… aren’t they what you write when you’re old and have done enough to fill the pages? Well maybe not. Maybe you have done enough to write a book, but you just didn’t take note of all the wonderful things you’ve done. That’s where a journal comes in handy.

You may write 20 journals over 10 years but what if one day you thought to yourself, ‘I’d love to write the story of my life!’ Well now you can!

Are you a journal writer? I hope you are 😊

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Why You Should Keep a Journal

  1. I love travel journals! I go back to them so often because I have the worst memory and when you travel a lot everything sort of blurs together so you can’t remember if that hostel was in London or Warsaw, and if that awesome restaurant was in Plovdiv or Sofia? haha.
    Also, they’re just so much fun to reread and see how much you’ve grown as a traveler and as a person. Like in my first trips I wrote about stuff that seemed like huge obstacles at the time, like taking a night train on my own to go to Buddapest, and now I’ve done stuff like that so many times I don’t even think about it when I book my seat, haha.

    Anyway, love this post! Especially the part on writing about how you feel. That one is probably the most important.

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  2. That is a neat punchline you have. About not being born with roots but feet.
    One of the main reasons I started my blog was to record the emotions and experiences I collected during my travels. Your post strikes home! 🙂

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