What makes a good travel blog?

A question many of us, I’m sure, have asked at some point.

What do readers enjoy reading? If you are reading a piece on a destination what do you want to see written? What would make you read until the last line?

Many bloggers write from personal experiences, telling their audience what they enjoyed seeing, where they ate dinner and what tourist attractions they would recommend. They might even add in a selfie. From doing this, you as the reader, feel a sense of connection to the writer and can understand why they loved this destination so much… it might even be a place to put on your bucket list.

Other travel bloggers write about the history of a country or city visited. This can entice readers and give them a background story of a place worth visiting. It can also be quite educating if you are, like me, not too knowledgeable on the history of different countries. Historians may, however, tell only the history that interests them, they must also ensure all facts are correct before attempting to educate the reader.

Travel bloggers may write in a “top tips” style; a style that is very punchy and easy to read. These types of blogs are good for short reading attention spans, they are also good for selective readers: reading only the tips that may be relevant to you.

Another kind of travel writer might connect their trip with something or someone familiar, like music, artists or poets. They may have a running theme throughout their writing. For example, Lord Byron spent a lot of time in Venice so I may write a Byron inspired piece on the sinking city or a musically centred blog on Music City in Nashville.

Truth is, I believe, there are so many ways to write a travel blog, all to be enjoyed differently by different readers. But what I’d love to know is what you think. If you are the reader reading someone else’s travel blog…. what would you be interested in reading?

Lets get sharing…

6 thoughts on “What makes a good travel blog?

  1. Thank you for this invitation. I’m 69 and just started a blog,The Autonomous Traveler. All through my life, through a lonely childhood and a terrible marriage I had two dreams, to write and to travel. For the last 20 years my dreams have come true. It’s been a wonderful time of growth and personal evolution. I went to Ottawa this past weekend to see a special exhibit of impressionist artists at the Canadian National Art Gallery. As usual, I immersed myself in this travel experience. On one of the gallery walls was a quote from the artist, Corot. “Reality is part of art, feeling completes it.” This sums up how I feel about traveling and what I want to convey in my blog postings. I write about the reality of the places I go to but I also want my readers to know what I learned, what I felt, and what I have become from the journey. I want to awaken more than the five senses. I want to touch hearts and souls and encourage our longing to break free and discover who we really are.

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  2. I find that what everyone wants to read is totally different and sometimes it’s hard to pin down just what people want to read. I can write what I think is a great piece and no one reads it. Sometimes I will throw something up just because it’s been a while since I posted and it gets shared. It seems almost random.

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  3. Everyone has their own unique perspective of all the places they see or things they do. It’s fun to get another perspective, even if you have been to that place before. Bloggers, for the most part, are supportive of one another and I appreciate that. Keep up the good work!

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