Are you living in the now?

Are you living in the now?

Are you present in your own life?

Many people, myself included, who call themselves travellers, writers, artists or musicians live for what is to come. That next trip, the day they get their manuscript published, the gallery that will exhibit their painting or the record deal that’s coming their way.

Are you one of those people? I am. I believe we are called ‘The Dreamers’.

As a millennial (just) it is easy to see how life is lived so differently nowadays. We aren’t as rooted in our careers as the generation before us. We spend beyond our means because we want a better, more fulfilled life and we move around more, to experience as much as we can.

Generations before us worked hard so that we could have a better life. But is this life better? Are we ever satisfied with what we have right now, or do we live for what is yet to come?

In my grandparents’ days to travel was not an option unless you were a person of extreme wealth. To travel was a luxury not a right of passage. Most families would take a trip to a seaside resort, not the USA or around Europe. When did we become such nomads?

My mother was not educated past her teen years, my father was a farmer who spent more time on the farm than in school and my grandparents worked solely to feed and cloth their children. They did not think about traveling the world. So when I book my next trip I must remind myself to remember that generation X paved the way for Generation Y to have a life that is filled with cathedrals, architecture, fancy Italian restaurants, road trips to nowhere in particular and hippie trails across unknown lands.

I shall also remind myself to be appreciative of the life I have, to not always wait for something to happen. I shall try to not plan my happiness around what the future holds and just be grateful that my future can be whatever I want it to be.

I shall try to live in the now.

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