There’s no Cure for The Travel Bug

After backpacking across Australia in my 20s, attempting to have a career and buy a house in my early 30s I discovered that once you get infected with the travel bug you are diseased for life! It’s a blessing and a curse to want to see the world so much! I have gotten into the habit of booking my second trip before I’ve gone on the first. Wanting to travel so much leaves me with a lack of travel buddies but I’ve recently coerced a friend into committing to the trip of a lifetime….

A few weeks back said friend and I decided we would hire a car and drive Route 66 next year so that leaves me with a year of saving and planning and possibly driving him mad with all the things I find online or in my handy, pocket sized Travel Guide

So far I have discovered there is a wigwam motel in Arizona…

There is a Flintstones theme park called Bedrock City…

And there are apparently a collection of giant statues to find…

He was obviously more interested in finding the multitude of Civil War battlefields and that does interest me, only if we can be part of a re-enactment like the one in that film Role Models!

So this summer I will use my scrapbooking skills to research the 2,448 miles we will cover, the 8 states and 3 time zones we will cross and figure out how on Earth I will drive on the wrong side on the road. In doing so I may cause my friends to disown me and my mother to worry I will emigrate and never come back….. and that travel buddy…. he will know all about the film Cars!

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