Flying Solo

Welcome to my first ever post on my first ever blog! I’m not quite sure what I’m doing but sharing what I love with people who love the same thing seems like a good idea.

Anyone who knows me know I love to travel and live to travel. We all work for different reasons; to buy that house we’ve always dreamed of, to raise a family, or like me, to see the world.

I aim to share my adventures and stories, to share where the good places are to stay, to eat, to take amazing photographs. As a photographer and writer I often look to visit places that will inspire my creative side but more than anything, somewhere to escape reality.

You know how it feels to live to work and spend 12 hours a day either driving to work or sitting behind a desk. Well, when I get on that plane I suddenly pretend I’m unemployed and have a few days or weeks being the other version of me.

I hope you will share your favourite destinations too. It’s not a lonely world when there’s so many beautiful places to see.

And traveling solo is sometimes the best way to travel.

Hello WordPress world!